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About Us

This is a 1-Man operated business located in sunny southern California (USA) that is taking their passion to the next level. For our love of cars, specifically BMWs, and helping fellow enthusiasts learn and achieve their dream build, is what keeps us getting through the journey of life. Our goal is to provide access to a wide range of  products for BMWs that are of good quality and fitment that can be used to make the most out of your BMW. We strive to provide honesty and transparency with our products so that you do not have to be stressed and unsure about the products you are getting. If our product is lacking in some part of quality we will be honest about it. We want to eliminate the stress of deciding whether or not to buy a product. We will provide specific details and visuals of every product so that you can make the decision as quickly and as stress free as possible. 

Building and modifying a car is form of art that helps many of us express ourselves. At the end of the day, many us all share this same passion. We hope we can help grow this passion by being a part of your build!

DISCLAIMER: We are not associated in any way with the manufacturing of the products we sell. We simply source these products from suppliers who manufacture these products so that they can be easily accessible to you.